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Light of hope and Transformation!

We believe passion is the key that drives focus. At Elta - King Foundation, we're a team of passionate people.
Working as a charitable organisation is honestly a difficult task, But with determination and the will to do, we always manage to ease our way through.
We are 100% committed to our cause. Ensuring that we put smiles on the faces of the poor and needy.
Love makes the world go round. love is a beacon of hope. One of our primary aim is to show undying love for the needy..

Why we do what we do.

- To extend medical support to the deprived communities in the hinterlands.
- To offer vocational training and support to the youths and less privilege in our communities.
- To establish a distinct model of providing humanitarian relief to the society.
- . To design a system of hope and transformation using health and career as a means of growth and development.
- To offer vocational training and support to the youth and less privilege in the community.
To give hope and support to deprived communities by providing free health screening, resourcing orphanages and providing social interventions through the benevolence of individuals and corporate.
Become the light of hope, love, and kindness coupled with the passion to make the world a better place one act of kindness at a time.
Core Values
The core values of Elta King Foundation have been acronym (TRITTE) i.e. trustworthy, responsiveness, innovativeness, teamwork, timely and effectiveness.

What makes Elta-King Foundation different?

Our will is stronger than any obstacle we may face. We're committed to our cause.
Effective teamwork has been the difference throughout our existence. We've a dedicated and hardworking team.

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